Wolf Farm Beta has launched. Click here to start farming.

Shared economy of the most profitable crypto business models.

Wolf Farm Beta has launched. Click here to start farming.

Shared economy of the most profitable crypto business models.

•  Yield Mining

•  Liquidity Mining

•  Decentralized Exchange

•  Governance

•  Dividends

•  Buy-back Burning

Wolf Farm Beta has launched. Click here to start farming.

Shared economy of the most profitable crypto business models.

Wolf Farm Beta has launched.
Click here to start farming.

Shared economy of the most profitable crypto business models.

Be the alpha, disrupt dominance and earn rewards

• Yield Farming • Liquidity Mining • Decentralized Exchange • Governance • Dividends • Buy-back Burning •


Fully Decentralized Autonomous organization cooperating as per the transparent rules coded in Ethereum smart-contracts to govern Wolfage Finance Ecosystem by WEFI token holders.

Track each transaction of whole ecosystem and that everything is being carried out as per the on-chain and off-chain governance rules.

Community of token holders where everyone shares in the common benefit and participates in group decision making.

By making smart decisions, token holders and delegates will take whole ecosystem to new heights. Thus expanding the platform to more users, generating more fees due to which whole shared economy will get benefited. This is how, the token holders and delegates, who participates in governance will be get governance wages for their work and services.



Wolfage Finance Token (WEFI)

21,000 WEFI ONLY
Limited & Fixed Supply
Limited Circulation
High rewards

WEFI is the native governance token of the Wolfage Finance Ecosystem with multiple utilities.

WEFI is used to govern the platform with on-chain and off-chain governance rules. WEFI empowers community governance by letting token-holders and their delegates debate, propose, and vote on all changes to the platform.

Besides being a governance token, WEFI is a utility token which earns token holders highly anticipated rewards from every product inside Wolfage Finance Ecosystem. The rewards will be in the form of liquidity mining, dividends of fees generated from exchanges

Out of the total supply of 21,000 WEFI tokens, 3,000 WEFI tokens will be reserved for additional rewards to first users of Wolfage Ecosystem Products. This will encourage potential Wolfage users to use Wolfage over other platforms in DeFi space.

Total Supply 21,000 WEFI Percentage (%)
Presale 9,950 WEFI 47.5%
Liquidity 1,050 WEFI 5.00%
Team * 2,000 WEFI 9.5%
Rewards 3,000 WEFI 14.3%
Reserved 5,000 WEFI 23.7%

* 12 months locking period, 12 months vesting period

Wolfage Market Tokens


Liquidity mining resides at the core of Wolfage Finance Ecosystem through “Wolfage Market Tokens”. For each token, there will be a corresponding “Wolfage Market Token” i.e. weETH, weDAI, weUSDC, weUSDT, weTUSD etc. Each market token will have their own utility separate from WEFI token and other market tokens.

Just like WEFI token, Wolfage Market Tokens will also provide rewards to its token holders from every product inside Wolfage Finance Ecosystem. Each “market token” will earn dividends to its token holders from its corresponding market. For example, “wDAI” will earn dividends from DAI markets running in each Wolfage Finance Product.

The “Wolfage Market Tokens” will be generated from “liquidity mining” process. Users are rewarded with “Market Tokens” to use the Wolfage Finance Products. With each usage of any product of the ecosystem, liquidity mining is performed by minting new Wolfage Market Tokens and rewarded to the user. Thus, users are promoted to use Wolfage Finance Products more frequently, hence, increasing the platform adoption by many folds.

The “Wolfage Market Tokens” provide rewards to its token holders from Wolfage Finance Ecosystem, they can still be put into other DeFi products like compound, curve.fi to generate even further passive income.


DeFi – Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance - which is also called DeFi - refers to the switch from conventional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance authorized by decentralized technologies built on the Ethereum blockchain. From lending and borrowing platforms to stable coins and tokenized BTC, the DeFi ecosystem has initiated aspacious network of integrated protocols and financial instruments. Decentralized Finance sector is emerging as the most prominent sector in the blockchain space, as the locked tokens value is over $9 billion worth. As a result, this sector is bringing a wide range of use cases for individuals, developers, and institutions.

> > > More Wolfage DeFi Products to come < < <

DAOFi – Distributed Finance governed by DAO

DAOFi is a new kind of sector, envisioned by Wolfage Finance Team. DeFi movement is spreading its wings day by day, but it’s still a long way to go both in technology and adoption to take over the dominance from Centralized counterparts like exchanges, derivative markets, etc. In order to take the disruption on a whole new level, Wolfage Finance has decided to initiate a new age of revolution “DAOFi”.
DAOFi comprises of products and use cases which are more suitable for DeFi space, but due to technological dominance of distributed systems over decentralized blockchain systems, are unable to reach for mass adoption. While these products will be distributed in nature but will be governed completely by Wolfage DAO using on-chain and off-chain governance rules encoded in Wolfage Platform. The profit of DAOFi products will also be distributed in the form of dividends to WEFI and Wolfage Market Token holders.
As soon as, the technological dominance of distributed systems starts to diminish, Wolfage community can decide to merge DAOFi products into its DeFi counterparts. Thus, taking over the dominance from centralized entities even before the wide-spread adoption of decentralized blockchain systems and further maintaining the dominance by shifting to DeFi ecosystem.

> > > More Wolfage DAOFi Products to come < < <


Disrupting dominance

  • Crypto industry is being dominated by major centralized entities.
  • DeFi ecosystem and movement will transfer the power to community.

Ecosystem of products

  • Bringing best products under the same platform to provide more value to token holders and ease of managing assets/liabilities for traders.
  • Automating several operations across multiple products using recipes and spells.
  • Providing more utilities to the platform tokens other than just farming or liquidity mining to increase rewards for token holders.

Cooperation over competition

  • Instead of competing with other projects in this space, we believe in cooperation.
  • Reduces a huge amount of work and resources for the team by leveraging what others have already built.
  • Results in launching products to market fast while keeping security the utmost priority.

Best in industry

  • We are a “pack of wolves” in crypto industry with expertise in every aspect.
  • Better understanding of leveraging existing and proved technologies in this space to create product fast rather than reinventing the wheel.
  • Products in development from a long time.

How to increase rewards?

To get most out of your assets, follow these simple steps on Wolfage Finance Platform!


August 2020 – 100%
  • WEFI Token Contract
  • Wolfage Governance Contract
September 2020 – 60%
  • Internal Smart-Contract Audits
  • WEFI Token Deployment
  • WEFI Presale Launch (8 Sep)
  • WolfFarm v1: Yield Farming Launch
  • WolfFarm v1: Internal Audit
  • WolfTrade: Development Plan Review
  • Wolfage: Brand Rejuvenation Rollout
Q4 2020 – 0%
  • WolfTap: Alpha version launch
  • WolfPortal: Whitepaper release
  • WolfTap: MakerDAO Integration
  • WolfTap: Compound Integration
  • WolfTrade: Whitepaper release
  • WolfFarm: Adding support of more tokens
  • WolfFarm v2: Yield Farming Launch
  • WolfFarm v2: External Audit
  • WolfTap: Aave Integration
  • WolfTap: Curve Integration
  • WolfTrade: Development Partnership Announcements
Q1 2021 – 0%
  • WolfPortal: P2P and Payment Gateway Development
  • WolfTrade: Transparent distributed Order Book development
  • WolfPortal: P2P Alpha version launch in first country
  • WolfTrade: Transparent revenue monitoring development
  • WolfTap: Beta version launch
  • WolfFarm & WolfTap integration